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Membership: going digital on a shoestring budget

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by Glen Manners

On Tuesday 24th November 2020, I hosted four expert panelists to share their experiences of moving to exclusively digital membership through the pandemic:

• Sheetal Girdhari, Head of Marketing & Membership, Institute of Hospitality

• Abby Wright-Parkes, Director of Membership & Marketing, FSRH

• Jennifer Sowerby, Data and Digital Lead, ACEVO

• Sarah Clark, Head of Membership, CharityComms

We talked about a wide range of topics, including digital steps to improve member experience and learnings from the lockdowns.  

In this clip, Glen talks to the panelists about how to go digital on a shoestring budget:

Top tips include:

  • Taking advantage of free or low-cost, cloud-based solutions

  • Upskilling your team by encouraging those keen to learn to take advantage of the free training available. 

  • Collaborating and co-producing with other organisations to learn from them. 

  • Ensuring that when you are recruiting, you are recruiting with digital skills in mind. 

If you would like to find out more about the webinar or have a conversation about the current trends in membership, please contact Glen Manners at