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September 26, 2017

Client of the Month - Sue Ryder Care

Sue Ryder nurses care for people with life-changing conditions. Their specialist skills in neurological and end of life care mean they work closely to support GPs, hospitals and other community teams to provide advice and support when it’s most needed.

Founded in 1953, Sue Ryder is a national health and social care charity providing compassionate hospice and neurological care across the UK. It does this throughout its seven hospices; five neurological care centres; community-based services and in people's own homes. They provide 2.7 million hours of care to thousands of people every year and have 11,000 volunteers at their hospices and care centres.

Sue Ryder offers a range of personalised care, advice, education and support services in local communities to help improve the lives of individuals - including their carers and families - with conditions such as cancer; heart failure; respiratory failure; dementia; acquired brain injury; multiple sclerosis; Huntington's disease; Parkinson's disease and Motor Neurone disease. They care for more conditions than any other UK charity.

In order to continue to provide and develop its range of invaluable services, Sue Ryder relies predominantly on income from its retail shops, fundraising activities and generous donations from members of the public. They need to raise £42.5m a year to keep their services running.

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