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January 8, 2018

Client of the Month - SOS Children's Villages

This month's Client of the Month, SOS Children's Villages, is nominated by Ellen and Amelia.

We first worked with the interim CEO of SOS Children's Villages a few months back, to assist them in finding a head of communications. We placed a lovely lady called Pascale.

Pascale then came to us again as she needed to build their brand new comms team at a really exciting time for them. We have now successfully filled all of the four roles in the comms team. They are also embarking on a re-build of their fundraising team so they asked us to assist them there.

It's a pleasure to work on behalf of such a cracking cause.

Who are SOS Children's Villages and what do they do?

Children orphaned and abandoned due to civil war, extreme poverty, natural disaster and pandemics are the world's most vulnerable citizens.

For over 65 years SOS Children's Villages has been working around the globe to give these children a family, a community and a promise of a brighter future.

Together with their supporters, they are helping the world's most susceptible children and families to provide a higher quality of life, to prevent family breakdown and to ensure that every child's right to a family, protection, education and healthcare are fulfilled.

  • They prevent children from ending up alone by supporting fragile families
  • They provide long-term family care for lone children in SOS Children's Villages
  • They provide quality education and healthcare in these communities
  • They ensure children's rights are protected wherever possible
  • They care for and protect children during crisis and disaster

SOS Impact in 2016

  • 328,200 Children enjoyed a safe and happy childhood with their biological parents
  • 127,592 Children and young people had access to education at one of our 420 nurseries and schools
  • 6,188 SOS families worldwide thrived in our 571 unique SOS Children's Villages
  • 60,000+ Children cared for in SOS Children's Villages
  • 1m+ Vulnerable children and their families benefited from our programmes in 125 countries
  • 839,929 Health services were provided to at-risk children and families
  • 41,757 Young people were given the opportunity to reach their potential through youth programmes
  • 300,000+ People were reached by our disasters and emergency response in 23 countries

We're so proud to call SOS our client, and look forward to watching them thrive; You can find out more about them here:


What people say about SOS Children's Villages?

"What struck me was the wonderful start children are given at the Village, often when they have suffered deeply traumatic early lives. When HIV/AIDS came along, it shattered the traditional safety net of the extended family in Africa, leaving orphaned children alone and vulnerable. These children found a loving home with SOS Children's Villages.

Despite their difficult backgrounds, it's wonderful to see how children thrive, thanks mainly to their SOS mothers. These are wonderful women who are deeply committed. They always have big cheerful smiles on their faces.

I've been impressed by how well the SOS children do in their studies, some gaining scholarships at the best schools. This success is testament to the wonderful care and encouragement the children receive from their SOS mothers and the Village as a whole."
- Alexander McCall Smith, author and ambassador.

Nominated by Ellen and Amelia
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