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June 25, 2015

Why is it so great to be a fundraiser?

Our fundraising consultant Anna tells us why it's so great to be a fundraiser!

Fundraisers are awesome. Fact. No, seriously they are. In my job as a recruiter, I am lucky enough to meet lots of wonderfully talented and (sometimes) quirky individuals from all walks of life. Since specialising in the charity sector, I meet fundraisers on a daily basis who are, on the whole, engaging, bright and inspirational individuals who have all joined the sector with the same mission: to save the world one way or another.

As a result, fundraisers are more interested in the type of company they join than traditionally found in other sectors. To be able to fundraise and actually ask people for their cold hard cash, fundraisers need to really believe in the cause - really truly believe. This tends to mean that when you join an organisation, everyone around you is working towards one goal and they are all working incredibly hard to reach it. That's a lovely feeling; to be surrounded by a group of people who all have the same vision. 

The day to day responsibilities of a fundraiser can be diverse. Your week might include meeting a beneficiary, seeing a grass-roots project, pitching to a FTSE 100 company or baking cakes for a bake sale. It would be unrealistic to think that you make a world-changing difference every day but it sure must be nice to know that you've done your bit and have hopefully helped to make a positive change.

Fundraisers have to think on their feet, work in creative and innovative ways to ensure that their donors keep on giving. This means fundraisers tend to be really bright, sparky and innovative as well as fantastic relationship builders. If you have all of these qualities and want to make a move away from the corporate world then fundraising might be a great step for you - certainly an interesting career move!

Fundraising is interesting and varied with lots of different revenue streams that you can specialise in. You can grow your expertise in a number of areas; major donor, corporate, trusts and foundations, events, individual giving and legacies just to name a few which means your work can be incredibly wide ranging, exposing you to different types of people.  There is also plenty of potential within a career of fundraising which could see you eventually become a Director of Fundraising or even CEO! If you are talented, proactive and ambitious then you'll go far in a fundraising career with lots of interesting opportunities available to you.

Charities are always on the lookout for talented individuals and to be honest, great fundraisers are sometimes quite difficult to find. The more senior you become in the fundraising world, the chances are that you'll be headhunted for future career opportunities. Charities understand that to retain their most talented employees, they need to invest in their people so we are finding more and more, that charities are paying their fundraisers well and are very invested in their employees development and well-being.  We welcome the notion that working in the charity sector, doesn't mean that you compromise on career development or fair pay - it is just another example of why being a fundraiser is such a wonderful career path to take.

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