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April 27, 2016

Using LinkedIn effectively - 5 simple suggestions

We love LinkedIn - but how effective are you at using it to get your next role? Here are 5 LinkedIn tips to help hiring managers want you.

We love LinkedIn. It's gone from being an online rolodex to a job advertising leviathan that's a key tool in recruiting managers and recruitment agencies arsenals.

So as a candidate or a window shopper, how are you being perceived by the people using LinkedIn to find their next employees?

Having a strong profile is incredibly important because, as they say, you never know who's watching. In fact, that's not true! You do know who is looking at you, because LinkedIn helpfully reminds you every so often with a "people are looking at your profile page" email.

LinkedIn is a great tool for expressing who you are and reaching out to people. So with this in mind, our consultants give their advice on how to make sure your LinkedIn profile is working as hard as it can for you.


Approach line managers, HR professionals and recruiters directly and join their groups.

Neil, Deputy MD & Data Appointments & Ben, Senior Consultant - Marketing Communications

LinkedIn is best used for job hunting when you use it as a social networking room full of your peers. Approach those line managers for charities you'd like to work for, find out what groups they are members of and join these groups. Don't just join them and expect that to be enough: contribute to groups that you join, post suggestions, blog articles etc. relevant to the group.

After you've engaged members connect with them and enquire about potential roles coming up. Also - avoid posting things that aren't professionally related.

Let people know you're looking

Nick, Associate Director - Fundraising & Marketing

If you are actively looking ensure that is on your immediate profile in the current job title such as "Marketing Manager actively seeking next challenge". This is a smart move and not a look of desperation.

Make it easy for us to find you with an effective 'headline'

Philip, Director - Executive Search & Annika, Fundraising Consultant

This is the job title under your name next to your profile picture. It's really important to have this as accurate as possible because this is the first thing people will see and decide whether they want to click on your profile.

As simple as it sounds, think carefully about the words that you use and remember we can only search on information which is present in your profile. If we can't find you we can't offer you to a client.

Also, we would advise not to connect with people that you have either had no contact with or are unlikely to engage. You will to some extent be judged on the quality of your connections.

Follow all of your 'wishlist' charities

Anna, Senior Fundraising Consultant

Charities are impressed by candidates who are actively interested in their work. Following charities on LinkedIn is a great way of keeping up to date with their most recent campaigns, newest partners and biggest achievements, helping you to impress them with your passion and knowledge at interview.

Make your profile engaging

Natalie, Key Account Executive - Fundraising

Like it or not, hiring managers, recruiters and peers WILL look at your LinkedIn profile, so make it engaging. Rather than just list your work history - use this space to talk about your biggest achievements or add videos. Write a summary at the top. This is a great space to tell people they want to hire you.

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