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August 11, 2016

Client of the month - The Kids' Cookery School

The Kids' Cookery School gives children, young people and families the skills and knowledge needed to make informed, healthy food choices for themselves.

This week our Fundraising Team volunteered with our client of the month, The Kids' Cookery School (KCS). KCS is a registered charity that gives children, young people and families the skills and knowledge needed to make informed healthy food choices for themselves. The charity starts teaching children from the very young age of 3 years upwards how to prepare and cook fresh food from scratch.


"A really inspiring day. The kids were amazing and clearly learnt a lot! Truly valuable work from the staff at KCS" (Peter Gyoury, Senior Fundraising Consultant pictured above)

About KCS

With an emphasis on health and nutrition, we teach children about the dangers of increasing amounts of fat, sugar and salt being added to almost all foods, especially fast food. Additionally the kids take their homemade food home to share with family and friends so the message goes even further.

We specialise in working with vulnerable children and young people that live below the poverty line, who are disadvantaged and those with special needs. Over 60% of all students KCS teaches are funded through grants, donations, trusts and foundations. Without these funders, KCS would not be able to support and help these children and their families who wold otherwise not be able to access our services learning this vital life skill.

KCS empowers all students to take control of their own lives by understanding that what they eat and drink will make a lasting impact on their lives and fitness, with a healthier future.

Dump the Junk Campaign

Get your friends and family to sign up to dump the junk! For 2 weeks ask them to stop eating and drinking foods and drinks that are high in fat, sugar and salt! You will be surprised once you start looking at, counting and cutting out the amount of junk in the food you eat everyday.

Get people to sponsor you or sponsor yourself to change our eating and drinking habits. After two weeks you will have saved money, feel better and surprised yourself and your body at the amount of junk food we are unconsciously consuming.

All the money raised for KCS charity will go towards more children learning to prepare and cook fresh food from scratch with an emphasis on low fat, sugar and no salt.

If you are up for the challenge and would like your fundraising efforts to go towards a great cause, please do so through our Justgiving page.

You are able to set up your personal fundraising page through ours where people can track your progress and donate directly through the site.

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