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March 27, 2017

Leading Successful Fundraising Teams

Last chance to get these six free eBooks- a fabulous resource of tips and advice for aspiring leaders.

These are only available to download until the end of March.

eBook page

This is a new book aimed at aspiring fundraising leaders, which we're delighted to be able to share with you.

It's based on some of the lessons that leading Fundraising Directors have learnt about leadership in their time in the sector.

The chapters are bite-sized so that you can quickly gain insight, ideas or inspiration on whatever you are struggling with at the time. It isn’t comprehensive but we hope that, taken as a whole, it shares some of the softer skills of leadership that can be hard to learn formally.

We've broken the book into half a dozen themes, ideal for a daily commute.

Part 1:
Becoming a Leader

How do you make the next step up the career ladder?

Download >>

Part 2:

Techniques to help you understand your style and your personal brand.

Download >>

Part 3:
Your Team

Practical advice on building a successful team and a winning culture.

Download >>


Part 4:

Planning for succession and tips on how to find the right people.

Download >>

Part 5:

How to build successful relationships with everyone from trustees and volunteers to donors.

Download >>

Part 6:

Interviews with leading fundraisers.
Hear from people who've been there, seen it and done it.

Download >>

About the author

Carla Miller is a coach, consultant and facilitator, who works with charities and companies to create growth and develop happy, high-performing teams.


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