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December 4, 2017

December recruitment - a good idea?

To recruit or not to recruit (in December) - Nick Billingham looks at the dilemma facing recruiters when thoughts turn to Christmas.

As December dawns and all the fun that it brings, there seems to be one thing on everyone's mind - should I pause my recruitment and hiring until January?


I have had this conversation with a few different people over the last week or so, and the short answer is "It depends!"


Yes, that's right, if you clicked on this article thinking I was going to answer that conundrum for you, I am sorry, I'm sitting on the fence with this one. Well sort of anyway:


The pros of marketing a role through December:

  • There are less roles advertised and so less competition for your great new hire. January is often a busy time to be recruiting with lots of new roles coming to market
  • People have more time to be scouring job boards than say January

The cons of marketing a role through December:

  • People have other things on their mind in December, namely shopping and socialising. So whilst in theory people have more time to be looking at potential opportunities, we find that often people are quite content at work as that lovely horizon of time off looms - are their heads less likely to be turned? Possibly - and it is certainly harder to get people to complete any sort of application form in December
  • You miss the potential onslaught of new talent, who having weighed things up during the Christmas period they have concluded a new job is needed

So, in January you have more people looking at a larger volume of roles. As such if you are confident that there are a number of people out there who have the skills to do your role then I would recommend you press ahead with your recruitment NOW and look to beat the competition. However, if you are shopping in a proverbial small pool with a limited group of potential candidates my suggestion is to hold off. But don't halt all recruiting activity.


If you are working with a specialist recruiter like Charity People, let them know what you will be looking for in a few weeks' time. Research can start and we as recruiters can start to identify the people we are going to look to have conversations with in January (we may also have someone in our black book who we might think could be interested and could fit the bill). If you don't have the budget to work with an external recruitment partner, use this time to think about how you are going to make this opportunity stand out. Starting your advert with "this is a great opportunity" doesn't do this! Really think about why it is a great opportunity and be sure to articulate that. And why would your ideal candidate be interested in upping sticks and taking this new challenge on?


So there you have it, the age old question of whether to hire in December is answered. Sort of.


If you are thinking about hiring a new team member for your charity and would like to chat with Charity People about how we could support this, then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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