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January 5, 2018

The year ahead

Happy New Year from Charity People. Let's see what the team think is in store for us.

The relationship between Charity and donor will continue to evolve. Driven in part by legislation changes of course but also through technology. Digital giving will continue to grow and some of the larger organisations may just starting utilising AI. The Daily Mail will likely be offended by this and question why Charities are spending money on becoming more efficient.

Meanwhile Charity People will continue to build relationships with the brightest and best fundraisers across the UK.

- Nick Billingham

2018 is going to see a lot more cohesive working between charities and organisations. Charities are joining together on projects and campaigns and as a result fundraisers are all learning from each other.

It is an exciting time for the sector and for fundraising in particular. I'm excited to get my teeth into new recruitment projects after a year on maternity leave and to work with my lovely clients again.

- Anna Ludeman

The big impact in the world of data for 2018 will be arriving on 25th May in the shape of GDPR. We've already helped some of our clients with governance, data protection, and audit roles, which will likely keep growing in the coming months. You'll need to look at how you ask for supporters consent with holding their data, check your current opt in and opt out policy, and manage that data securely. If you need help with roles that look at this then please get in touch.

On a personal level, my wife and I are expecting our 2nd child in March so I'll have my hands full for the foreseeable future. Happy 2018!

- Neil Hogan

Marketing and Communications in the Charity Sector will continue to develop at a fast rate as Charities compete for the best talent. This is borne out of an evolutionary need to find new and exciting ways to tell their story and promote brand awareness. We feel the this will continue to push innovation and ideas, along with impactful insights into how to reach out to new supporters.

Crucially, we will see more Charities work towards integrating their digital and traditional marketing activities and those candidates who can work across a variety of channels will remain in demand. We predict an exciting and busy 2018 in the war on finding the best Marketers!

- Ben Garner

Happy New Year from the Regional Team! In terms of 2017 shaping 2018, equality and diversity will be absolutely huge this year with trustee boards and staff recruitment. It's something that the sector has identified it needs to work harder at to make sure we are doing everything we can to be inclusive. It has been proven time and again to make us the richest and most productive sector we possibly can be.

Future-proofing our sector (with Brexit in mind!) and retaining our very best talent have been hot topics wherever we've been and whoever we've been talking to. Helping charities to make the best recruitment decisions is something we are really looking forward to this year.

- Amelia Lee & Ellen Drummond

This year will bring lots of change but also tonnes of opportunity! I am excited to see future development across technology and interested to see if the sector will embrace blockchain technology in a move forward to develop philanthropic giving to the next level. In the meantime, as the world goes cryptocurrency mad, I will continue supporting the amazing work charities do by helping to find the best fundraisers in the sector.

- Annika Kataria

I'm delighted that Charity People continues to attract the best recruitment consultants working across the non-for-profit sector, throughout the UK. 2017 was one of our best ever years and there's every sign that, with our ever strengthening team, 2018 will set new records. We continue to help the best candidates into their dream jobs.

Ever the optimist, I assume that a sudden collapse in form for Man City will lead to Utd taking the treble.

- Ed Percival


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