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August 22, 2017

Client of the Month - Marie Curie

Marie Curie provide care and support for more than 50,000 people living with a terminal illness and their families in the UK each year.


Marie Curie's origins are linked to the Marie Curie Hospital, a pioneering hospital, opened in 1930 by Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin, specialised in the "radiological treatment of women suffering from cancer and allied diseases". It was staffed by medical women, and cared for 700 patients a year in 39 beds, with facilities for radium and x-ray therapy, and modern pathological and research laboratories. In 1944, most of the hospital was destroyed by a direct hit in an air raid.

In 1948, five members of the re-establishment committee set up to oversee rebuilding of the hospital decided to separate themselves from the new NHS. Instead, they sought to perpetuate the name of Marie Curie in the charitable medical field.

The Marie Curie International Memorial was formally established on 6 July 1948, and shortly afterwards became the Marie Curie Memorial Foundation. This was the beginning of the charity that is now known as Marie Curie.

Present day

Marie Curie provide care and support for more than 50,000 people living with a terminal illness and their families in the UK each year.

Marie Curie Nurses
If ever faced with a terminal illness, most of us would choose to die peacefully, in our own homes, surrounded by the people that mean the most to us. Marie Curie Nurses make this possible.Their nurses work night and day, in people's homes across the UK, providing hands-on care and vital emotional support.  There are nearly 2,200 Marie Curie Nurses working across the UK, caring for people with a terminal illness in their own homes. 

Last year, their nurses provided more than 1.2 million hours of nursing to 31,755 people, as well as supporting their families at an incredibly difficult time.

Marie Curie Hospices
Their nine hospices offer round-the-clock, expert care and support, in a friendly, welcoming environment, both for people staying in the hospices and those who come in for the day to use their services. And they help people throughout their illness by giving practical information, support from trained volunteers and being there when someone wants to talk

Last year, their hospices helped 8,638 people -  the largest provider of hospice beds outside the NHS.

You can help

Their focus as a UK charity is to provide a better life for people and their families living with a terminal illness. By making a donation, whether large or small, you'll be making sure people living with a terminal illness get the care and support they and their families need to make the most of the time they have together.
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