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June 1, 2017

Client of the Month - Bloodwise

Our Client of the Month for June is Bloodwise, who fund world-class research and offer expert information and support to anyone affected by leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and other blood cancer related disorders.

Our client of the Month for June 2017 is Bloodwise

Bloodwise have invested over £500 million in world-class blood cancer research since 1960 - research which has changed the lives of blood cancer patients.

They fund the research that benefits patients most - not just research for research's sake. But they still invest in curiosity. They'll fund that spark of an idea, because those sparks can lead to breakthroughs - real, tangible discoveries that'll change the world.

At any one time they have over £90 million invested in research. They're currently funding over 1,000 researchers and clinicians across over 220 active research projects, as well as countless more awards to train the research leaders of the future.

Blood cancer patients share their stories 

These patient videos are for anyone affected by blood cancer. 28 blood cancer patients have shared their experiences of living with blood cancer.

You can watch their patient videos here 

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