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November 6, 2017

Welcome back, Anna

We're delighted to welcome back Anna Ludeman, one of our most popular consultants, who returns from maternity leave.

It's my first day back after a year on maternity leave. 

I am reluctant to say that I had a year 'off' when I worked longer hours than I ever have in my life. Night shifts, a constant shower of caffeine and a life living in pyjamas quickly becomes the norm and feeling 'tired' takes on a whole new meaning.

However tired, bewildered and exhausted I may have been this last year, my new role as 'Mummy' has been the best job that I have ever had. 

Now I'm back to work and am incredibly thankful for our wonderful coffee machine and the endless caffeine getting me through my new 5.30am alarm and two-hour commute! (Thank you South West trains).

At least working at Charity People is the second best job I've ever had, which is making it bearable to leave my little human at nursery.

The team are just awesome and the company have always been an incredibly flexible, inclusive, supportive and down to earth organisation. This has never been more apparent than when you are a new Mum, wanting to find a work/life balance and your bosses do everything they can to make this happen for you.

So three coffees down, I am ready to start back and hopefully I can remember how to actually recruit. Here we go...

Email Anna, or read some of her testimonials on LinkedIn.

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